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Lab Grown Diamonds FAQs

The principle is similar to 3D printing: It starts from tiny diamond grains or seeds upon which carbon vapors are deposited at high temperatures and pressures until the reach the desired size. Learn more about how Lab Grown Diamonds are made.

Yes! Lab Grown Diamonds are real. They have the same chemical formula as natural diamonds but can be distinguished through gemological instruments.

Just like natural diamonds, clarity and color can vary. They are graded the same as natural diamonds by color, clarity, cut and carat. Discover more about the quality of our Lab Grown Diamonds.

The process of mining natural diamonds involves mining pits that go deep into the earth or sifting through riverbeds. Lab grown diamonds in contrast are more sustainable because they are produced in factories under controlled conditions.

There are none that you can see. Only sophisticated gemological instruments can differentiate them. Learn more about the differences between Lab Grown and Natural Diamonds.

They have the exact same properties as natural diamonds unlike simulants like cubic zirconia, moissanite or white sapphire that only emulate the color but do not share the brilliance and durability of diamonds.

Even an experienced gemologist cannot tell the difference without using gemological testing equipment.

Cubic zirconia and moissanite will look cloudy after a few days of wear. Lab grown and natural diamond by contrast will not but all gemstones will look their best if they are cleaned.

We do not advocate diamonds as an investment. Although natural diamonds will appreciate in value over time, lab grown will not.

All your fine jewelry can be insured. You will need an appraisal to get it insured.

They are graded and certified the same as natural diamonds. Although GIA offers the best certificates for natural diamonds, other labs grade lab grown diamonds.

Diamonds have many uses because of their incredible durability. They are by extremely far the hardest substance ever discovered. In jewelry, their high brilliance and beauty has made them the premier gemstone but also have many used in industries from oil drilling to saw blades and even medical instruments. Almost every industry makes use of them in various forms.

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