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Lab Grown Diamonds

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

A diamond is a mineral found naturally formed under the earth’s surface composed of pure carbon and it is one of the most common gemstones on earth. It is very hard in nature and for this, it has a few industrial uses.

On the other hand, a lab-grown diamond is a diamond that’s purely created by humans in a lab. Also known as synthetic, cultured or laboratory-created diamonds, these diamonds are made from the same materials as natural ones.

Grown using cutting-edge technology, it imitates the growth process of a natural diamond. This results in a diamond that completely resembles one that has been mined.

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How Real Are They?

Lab-grown diamonds are real. They are optically, physically and chemically identical to mined ones. Their chemical properties are the same and it can only take an expert to tell them apart with the naked eye. Their structure is also crystal similar to mined diamonds.

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How They Are Made

With the advancement of technology, lab-created diamonds can be made in two ways. There is the HPHT process and CVD process. HPHT meaning High pressure, High temperature and CVD meaning Chemical vapor deposition.

With HPHT, lab diamond seeds without cracks or any issues are selected. They are put into the lab-created rough diamonds then placed through a split-belt press. After these, extreme pressure and temperature are added and this results in a carbon diamond of the highest quality when cooled.

The CVD process on the other hand involves the mixing of gasses. It has become the most preferred way to create diamonds. Lab diamond seeds are put in a chemical vapor deposition reactor. Low pressure and various gasses are added and the reaction creates a plasma.

Once the reaction temperature rises to extreme degrees, gas molecules break apart and the carbon atoms attach themselves to the seeds growing them layer by layer. This process is less expensive and can make colored diamonds too.

Synthetic Lab Grown Diamonds

Advantages of Lab Grown Diamonds

Because of the high resemblance to those mined, people prefer them for a few reasons:

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