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Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most coveted jewelry pieces since time immemorial. When it comes to choices, you can either go with natural diamonds or those that are laboratory grown.

It is hard to distinguish between the two by looking at them with your naked eyes. This is due to their similarities, from shininess to their overall physical appearances. The only way to tell the two apart is by taking them to a specialist who can examine them and spot their differences using a special device.

Lab Grown Synthetic Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds can also be referred be as man-made or synthetic. These diamonds can be modeled using two scientific methods, namely the Chemical Vapour Deposition method and the High-Pressure High-Temperature method.

For years, this type of diamond has been considered environmentally friendly. This is because their manufacturing doesn’t involve digging out deep tunnels for accessibility.

Natural Mined Diamonds

These are stones that appear as a result of nature. They occur several layers below the earth’s surface and the only way to extract them is through mining.

Natural diamonds are allotropes of carbon, with a strong configuration. In their raw form, they are less shiny than they appear after polishing. They are also refined using high temperatures and pressures, to attain the desired shininess and other additional features.

Natural diamonds appear in different shapes, sizes, and textures. Their chemical composition may show traces of nitrogen, unlike lab-grown diamonds which are purely composed of carbon.

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Lab-grown diamonds may be physically different from mined diamonds. This difference is negligible and can be easily ignored unless one is keen for the slightest details. It is not easy to detect the physical difference unless the two diamonds are checked using high-powered magnification equipment.


This feature has given rise to major debates between conservationists and naturalists. Lab-grown diamonds are the eco-friendly choice between the two since there’s no mining involved. On the other hand, a lot of damage is done on land to create a quarry where diamonds are derived. This disrupts a large section of the ecosystem.

Lab-grown diamonds are not only sustainable, but also conscious of nature and the ecosystem. Compared to mined diamonds, they are the better choice because their production does not involve leaving large and dangerous quarries behind or displacing animal life.

Price & Monetary Value

After their debut in the market some years ago, lab-grown diamonds were pricier than natural diamonds. As they became more popular, their prices lowered as they were more in supply than the mined ones.

Natural diamonds are more expensive than man-made diamonds. This is attributed to their scarcity as it takes nature millions of years to generate more of them.

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Future of Sustainable Jewelry

The mining activities carried out during the extraction of natural diamonds cause conflicts within the ecosystem. The death of animals and destruction of natural resources such as forests is an expensive affair.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are ethically sourced and mindful of nature, making them a more responsible choice between the two. They are referred to as fair trade diamonds because of their sustainability and their conflict-free mode of creation.

Lab grown diamonds are winning against real diamonds. They are modern day environment saviors, due to their eco-conscious nature. The destruction left behind after mined diamonds are extracted is costly to the ecosystem, which makes man-made diamonds the better option between the two.

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