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Our Story

Nowadays, most of the jewelry you purchase from large chains or big box stores is made in India and China.

Not ours. Produced, designed, cast and finished in the USA, using only recycled gold and lab grown gems, we offer you a line of lighthearted designs with a very simple pricing structure.

You will find designs online and they will be easily double to triple that. Add the diamonds also very simply priced. They are $800 per carat, way less than natural diamonds of similar quality.

Pick a carat weight and multiply by $800. What could be simpler?

Simple Pricing

Add the gold ring and the diamond price together et voila! That’s your total.

Free Shipping

Shipping is even included (but not sales tax).

Quick Delivery

Order today, it will be on your hand in two weeks.


They are all of VS to SI clarity.

Factor in the fact that they are near the top of GIA color grading scale near colorless and you have spectacularly fun pieces of jewelry.

Lab Grown Diamonds Necklaces - Lighthouse Diamonds

Specializing In

Lab Grown Diamonds

So what do we do to be so competitive and produce it here, at home?

Latest Technology

Advances in technologies like CAD design, 3D printing, casting and finishing allow us to make them here in the USA at prices well below what China can do.

The better part yet is that we use only recycled gold, contributing our share to better environmental practices.

Lab Grown Diamonds Rings - Lighthouse Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds means not having to turn mountains upside down to mine them.

Recycled gold means using existing gold rather than contaminating the environment with the cyanides and mercury that poison our Earth.

Family Owned

Local labor means that your dollars remain in our local community and helps support the growth of small business.

Yes, we are proud of being able to offer you these fun designs to enjoy in good conscience.

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